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Professional Development Salary Advancement Courses for Educators

Bringing the University Class to you

Salary Advancement & Recertification

Graduate-Level University Credit 

for the hard work you are already doing!

Providing courses truly designed to be "Educator Friendly"




As educators, we understand that funds can be limited at times and many Graduate-Level Courses can be an expensive undertaking... Why spend more than you should? Be kind to your bank account and stop spending the extra bucks!  At Credits for Educators we make it possible for you to earn credits for an extremely affordable price and we mean it! 

Only $50-$79 per semester credit!

(see for yourself)

All our courses allow you to relax and enjoy the satisfaction of completing  your coursework at your desired pace. Why rush? Enhancing your professional development is about you... NOT about "deadlines." All educators are unique in different ways and should be able to express their growth at their own speed...You deserve the freedom to email your coursework whenever you choose...That's exactly why we leave it to you to manage your time!

There is no need to make things complicated and frustrating, with our courses you can bring simplicity to the palm of your hands. You choose what you want to do, how you want to do it and where you want to do it...That's the beauty of all our self-designed courses...They are made with you in mind so that you can earn credit for the work you are already doing on your personal time!

What Educators are saying

Create Your Own Courses

"I took this course 3 times because I was able to relate all my coursework to what I am actually implementing into my curriculum! I'm glad I was referred and would highly recommend enrolling for this course. Thank you for making my salary increase an enjoyable process."

— Susan G., 2nd grade Educator

BTSA/Teacher Induction

"I'm so thankful that I was able to earn credits for completing both years of my Teacher Induction Training. The Credits for Educators Staff were friendly and helped make this process quick so that I could receive my units!"

— Taj T., 7th grade Educator

Travel Study Courses

"Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to travel and at the same time earn credit to increase my salary! I now have new multi-cultural and historical experiences to share with my students!"

—Jacob L., 12th grade Educator

We've been there, and we're here to help...

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