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Whether you spend time traveling to Hawaii, national parks, local museums, exhibits or any other destinations of your choice, you can earn Graduate-Level Semester Units for integrating your travel study experiences into your classroom or program. Our Travel Study courses offer educators and related personnel the opportunity of developing a personalized academic program based on independent travels anywhere within the United States or abroad. ​This Course may be attempted as either a follow-up to an organized Travel-Study course, or as a separate independent study program. The content is designed to enhance and enrich instructional objectives and content based on activities and programs developed as a result of intensive examination, including but not limited to, educational systems, multi-cultural comparisons, perspectives on the social, historical, artistic, political, anthropological, scientific or religious aspects, in or about other countries or within the United States.

Course Description

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Course Overview & Requirements
Coursework Submission

Create a PDF, JPEG or Word Document including a self-created time log documenting the time you have invested creating a journal, powerpoint presentation, and narrative report of your travels.

Self-Created Time Log:

Creating your own log allows you the freedom of documenting all the time and effort that you have dedicated to the process of completing your coursework requirements. For each graduate-level unit, you must document 15 hours of involvement. Your log must be specific and include dates and explanations of your accomplishments. 


Whether you spend time researching, planning, reading, typing your report, brainstorming, or creating your travel journal and PowerPoint slides, you are able to document all the professional time you have invested in the process of completing all your coursework requirements. All your work must be completed on your personal time away from professional paid hours. 

Travel Journal:

Create a Travel Journal with academic points of interest and activities relating to your travel experiences and objectives. Your Journal should include places you visited: museums, exhibits, market places, historical landmarks, national parks, schools, etc. Include experiences and objectives that will serve as a reference for the preparation of your PowerPoint presentation. 

Whether you travel for one day, a week or a month, you are able to earn the maximum amount of units as an outgrowth of your travel experience! 

The culminating goal of this course is to produce and utilize a PowerPoint presentation for your classroom or program! Use your Travel Journal to help you get started on your PowerPoint presentation!

Power-point Presentation Slides: 

For each unit that you wish to earn, develop a minimum of 25-30 PowerPoint presentation slides that include a narrative script for each slide. The narrative script reflects the actual verbiage that you will be presenting to your classroom or program when delivering the PowerPoint presentation that you created.

1 Graduate-Level Unit   = 25-30 PowerPoint Slides

2 Graduate-Level Units = 50-60 PowerPoint Slides

3 Graduate-Level Units = 75-90 PowerPoint Slides

Narrative Report:

Along with your travel journal and completed PowerPoint presentation slides, type a minimum 1-2 page narrative report describing your overall experiences in successfully completing this course. Include personal reflections, objectives, evaluation methods utilized, outcomes/reactions, etc.

Can I earn units for previously completed travels? 

Yes you can! As long as your travel study materials are currently being integrated in to your programs or curriculum and meet meet all course requirements. 


On your Registration Form, you will required to provide a brief anticipated itinerary including locations to be visited and objectives for applying this travel experience to your classroom or program. 

Tax Deduction Benefits!

Under the current law, the travel for these courses is a necessary adjunct to the educational activity and therefore may lead to tax deduction when undertaken to maintain or improve your skills as an educator. Check with your tax advisor.

Your coursework can be submitted up to 6 months from registering and extensions are always granted upon request.

Your completed coursework should be saved as a PDF, JPEG, or Word Document and include the following:

1. Title page with your Last name, First name, Course Number and Title, Number of Units, last 4 digits of SSN and Course Beginning/Ending date.

2. Self-Created Time Log documenting 15 hours per unit with dates and accomplishments. Include the total number of hours calculated for all coursework (see below).

3. Travel Journal documenting your travel accomplishments and experiences. 

4. Powerpoint presentation (25-30  slides per unit. Attach slides or actual powerpoint.


5. Narrative Report minimum of 1-2 pages describing how your travel study has positively impacted your professional development.

Grading and Transcripts

After submitting your coursework, you will receive a confirmation by email notifying you that your coursework is in grading process. Please allow a few business days to receive your confirmation.​

Within 4-6 weeks from receiving your grading confirmation, you will receive a letter grade on an unofficial transcript from the University of the Pacific by regular mail. Your unofficial transcript from the University of the Pacific will include instructions to request your Official Transcript. Provisions for rushed or expedited transcripts are also available.

University of the Pacific

For over 25 years, Credits for Educators and the University of the Pacific have helped educators nationwide increase their salary and re-certify their credentials. We understand that being an educator takes time, energy and a lot of dedication so we have tried our best to provide you a smooth ride. Our partnership acknowledges and values the hard work and time that you dedicate to your professional growth. As Educators ourselves, we stand ready to assist as well as help fulfill your needs.

Log Example

Please note: It may be that you require less or more time completing your own personal activities and/or projects and that's why we have left it to you to decide how you manage your time.










Researched the web for a travel experience 

Reviewed films/books to plan travels accordingly

Prepared my travel study proposal/itinerary

Created my travel journal during my trip 

Composed 26 powerpoint slides           

Typed detailed narratives for each powerpoint slide

Typed my two page narration of my overall experiences








Total hours of involvement: 15 hour per unit

Be detailed and specific with your log. 

​E-mail your completed coursework as an attachment to:

Please include in the subject line "Coursework Submission"​​

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Each course requires a separate registration form, course number and title. For each registration form, you can register from 1 - 3 Graduate-Level Semester Credits.  On your Registration Form indicate the course ending date to be up to six months from the enrollment (registration) date. Your coursework is always accepted earlier if you complete your work prior to the course ending date. The true course ending date that will appear on your transcript will reflect the date that your coursework was received. Choose a course number and title  for your registration form.  Keep in mind, our course titles are generic so that they can apply to the diversity of educational goals in all subjects and topics. Please take the courses in numerical order.

Course # 

P EDU 9200                                 

P EDU 9201                                 

P EDU 9202                                    

P EDU 9203       

P EDU 9204                             

P EDU 9206                                                                      

P EDU 9207                                                                        

P EDU 9208                          

P EDU 9209                                          

P EDU 9210                                                                          

P EDU 9211                                                             

P EDU 9212                                             


Developing A Curriculum for Academic Enrichment                                   

Practicum In Curriculum Development & Improvement                               

Classroom Adaptations Improvement Practicum                                         

Instructional Activities Development Through Personalized Activities      

Educational Curriculum/Activities Enrichment Resources                           

Classroom Curriculum Resources                                                                          

Enriching Today's Curriculum                                                                         

Academic Success Through Curriculum Development                              

Strengthening Achievement through Curriculum                                       

Developing Creative Learners                                                                       

Creating an Integrated Curriculum                                                               

Activities to Develop Accelerated Curriculum














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