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Yoga 4 Classrooms' mission is to empower youth with the skills they need to be healthy, happy and resilient at school, at home and throughout their lives. We provide professional development trainings and research and trauma-informed curricula, resources and consulting to educators, counselors, schools and related organizations who support the social, emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing of children, youth and families. Our sustainable program has been successfully implemented in thousands of classrooms and schools worldwide.

About the Credits & Pacific

The credits offered are post-baccalaureate, graded, graduate-level semester credits, provided directly through the University of the Pacific, Benerd College. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of educators for Salary Advancement and Re-certification.

Each graduate-level semester credit is equivalent to 15 hours worth of academic involvement. Graduate-level credit may be possible to be used for salary advancement and state licensing requirements, however, we do not provide assurance that any state licensing board or school district will accept these credits for those purposes. Individuals seeking credits for such purposes are advised to check with the appropriate agencies and gain approval prior to registering.


University of the Pacific, established in 1851, is California’s oldest private chartered university and is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). 

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